A perfectly simple toy

Why is the child so quickly tired of that expensive and almost perfect car? Why is that perfect plastic garage in the corner? Such toys don't support a child's imagination and they don't challenge the child to play. These toys are so perfect that you find them boring. There is nothing to be changed, finished off or added on them and you can't use your imagination to create something new.

By way of illustration I will compare two garages for the toy cars. I will call the first "Perfect" and the other will be "Perfectly simple".

"The perfect" garage is made of plastic. This garage is light and not steady. Its construction is definite - its components are not possible to change by the child. The purpose of the toy is definitely predetermined. Accesses for cars are colourfully distinguished from a landing area and a lift. This indefeasible mark is even underlined with stickers exactly showing the place for the petrol pump, the entrance and the window. This clear predestination looks like a slight mistrust of a producer in the child's fantasy and creativity. The garage will be the garage for ever. It doesn't offer any play variations. Two lifts are the movable components of the garage. One lift is for the cars and the other for the pieces. Both lifts are very hard to handle. The child with appropriate age pushed around for this toy is at a loss what to do with this system. It is a bad function which discourages the child from some more attempts to try and even play with this toy.

"The perfectly simple" garage is made of wood. It is not so easy to move it on the floor. Its operation is therefore easier. It consists of three isolated prismatic components, which are possible to combine. The purpose of the toy is slightly predominated. For example there is a dashed central line on the inclined plain and black capital letter "P" (Parking) by one side of the prism, which briefly indicated the purpose of the toy. Its grey-white fabrication doesn't stake a claim for a definite "garage" usage. The child's fantasy can easily create a stable for the horses, a fence for the animals or a house for the dolls form this garage. Two easily open garage doors make the toy more varied.

Put time and money into good toy is an investment, which supports learning. Playing with the quality toys is one of the most important conditions of a quality play. The quality play is a concentrated and creative process of discovering the surroundings and yourself. It makes the way from the concentrated playing into the concentrated learning easier. A preparation of the child for the school duties - where focus is shifted from play to learning - already begins with a selection of the toy.

It is only a fraction which the perfectly detailed realistically made toys can offer for the development of the child comparing with the toys which look less realistic and very simple at first sight, but are precisely made.

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